A clear approach for network cabling


Quadratek Branding

I have been working with the team at Quadratek for the the past year. My role has been help move their brand to look like the large, highly commercial outfit they have become. The first part of our project was to re-design and re-build the website. Originally built with SquareSpace,  a move to WordPress enabled us to design and build a much more exciting, diverse and easier to edit website. Their original site was also very grey and black so I developed a new colour palette, a new style for the ‘hero’ banner images for each page, and a much more dynamic page layout. The resulting website has been very well received and we are now in the process of adding more and more content.


UX and UI design

The website has some nice functionality and good sign-posting enabling the readers a quick and easy flow around the site. The numerous blog posts are filtered and presented in a modern masonry style format.

Case studies & Reports

I also worked with them to develop and design case study templates and 2-page reports. The case studies were designed in PowerPoint so they could edit them themselves in a new crisp, clear design to elevate their brand with elegance and finess.