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50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing 1920 748 martin

50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing

NASA has released some incredible panoramas pieced together from images of the Apollo moon landings to celebrate their 50th anniversary of man walking on the moon. Armstrong’s first step onto the lunar surface, on July 20th 1969, was broadcast on live TV to a worldwide audience. He described the event as “one small step for [a] man, one giant leap…

Community Festival 2019 2048 1366 martin

Community Festival 2019

Great fun at the Community Fest, Finsbury Park, London – got a few decent shots.

The Little People Project 1000 667 martin

The Little People Project

Love some of the work on the The Little People Project, the best examples are those with a slight twist, making use of our urban landscapes. His work embodies elements of street art, sculpture, installation art and photography and are filled with political comment and the scourge of consumerism.

PSB 540 532 martin


“…an image I felt was so good that I refused to put type over it” – Mark Farrow

Farrow 150 150 martin


Design hero

Old GF concept 1200 900 martin

Old GF concept

Quite a fun idea

Now Anyone Can own NASA’s Fabled 1970s Graphics Manual 782 518 martin

Now Anyone Can own NASA’s Fabled 1970s Graphics Manual

Would love to get hold of this, apparently you can now buy the brand manual for NASA Buy here

FS Aldrin 1200 800 martin

FS Aldrin

Font Shop have produced a new font inspired by Buzz Aldrin: FS Aldrin is a pure, modern rounded font available in 6 weights. Every curve and transition has been crafted by hand, giving a distinctive look and feel. They contacted the great man himself and were pretty excited with this reply: ‘Buzz and his team love the fonts and have been using…

Instagram 150 150 martin


Still quite fun…  

Mountain biking 1024 1024 martin

Mountain biking

My hobby and time to think…

It’s just a meter 1326 2048 martin

It’s just a meter

Rather lovely typography 1024 681 martin

Rather lovely typography

View project

Creating, thinking… 1549 920 martin

Creating, thinking…

The current state of my desk….

Royalty Free resources

Useful Websites for Free Stock and Design Resources View here
Royalty Free resources 600 400 martin
Selfie guys 960 640 martin

Selfie guys

Lot of Facebook likes for this photo of mine View here

London at night 1152 768 martin

London at night

Always inspiring…  

Creative juices 768 1152 martin

Creative juices

Obscured 788 768 martin


Looking through my photos for something different…..

Steve Jobs – Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs – Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. 150 150 martin
Still one of my favorite photos 2048 1365 martin

Still one of my favorite photos

RealGroove 801 801 martin


Logo design for RealGroove record label  

Flying 150 150 martin


Splashdown 150 150 martin


Had fun capturing these images in the sunshine today

Some babies eat humans 2048 1365 martin

Some babies eat humans

Heavenly Dish 700 182 martin

Heavenly Dish

Quirky and fun website for a unique company that make amazing dishes for corporate lunches, and provide training & cooking classes.

Alice in the looking glass 989 276 martin

Alice in the looking glass

Logo design for a friend who designs and makes beautiful hats.

Bridges Hull website 783 489 martin

Bridges Hull website

Website designed for a small charity based in Hull.

Snow 1024 768 martin


Quantainia 740 438 martin


Website and branding for a sophisticated business and security solutions consultancy

Peachi 350 185 martin


Branding work for a new range for luxury sports bags. The shape of the logo was based on the perfect woman’s backside! Logo Business Cards Inner lining for the bags