New brand identity for mea, a team of chartered surveyors

MEA are a firm of chartered surveyors with three offices in the UK. I designed a new logo, colourways and brand look for them, based on a square formed from two arrows. A new font, which I re-drew, complimented the icon to give them a fresh, contemporary look. Then I re-designed their website, very white, clean and minimalist – making the most of the large amount of case study photos they had to hand. Alongside that I also designed them some simple to use MS Word templates and PowerPoint templates so their team could make their own presentations within a strong, typographic design frame.

Powerpoint templates

These pages were part of a set of PowerPoint template brochures, designed so as the team could easily adapt them, and build their own without needing professional software.


The business cards were designed shorter in height than normal cards to give them a unique sleeker, more rectangular, look.

The website was created in WordPress, allowing mea to be in control of all of the content on the site.

MEA 50

In 2017 MEA celebrated their 50th year in business with a special logo and an exclusive invite only event in London.

Along with the logo, which adorned their website for the full year, we designed special stationery and email footers.

The invites were printed with Gold Foil onto very think 700 gsm blue board by Ian Stopford at 1st Printing in Scotland, and he did a beautiful job with the restrained and elegant design.


Building Schools for Nothing

Building Schools for Nothing is a fascinating side project run by the experienced team at MEA. They have set up this project to lend their expertise to help schools maximise their own land and create budgets for expansion and redevelopment. They are not developers but work on behalf of the school in order to maximise the land value and to procure and deliver replacement facilities. I worked with the team to update their identity so it looked part of the MEA family, building a new website to showcase their exciting projects.