Unlike any other insurance brokers

Unlike any other insurance brokers

I have helped Macbeth, chartered insurance brokers and financial advisers, to be clearly positioned in their market in an open, simple and straightforward way and based on their personal approach of replacing risk with reassurance. Working with Paul Macbeth and his team, we reviewed competitors and recommended that we re-design all the tangible touch points on their clients’ buying journey.

The brand is warm and reassuring, yet beautifully minimal and crafted with precision.  The photographic style features the individuals that clients will meet. The tone of voice is professional and yet highly approachable which is very important when buying an an intangible service like insurance.

Just completed work on the design for a new site end of 2019, The new design features a cleaner, more contemporary look with more focus on UI and user journeys.

Art direction of photography

Website design & art direction

Beautifully crafted print collateral

Alongside the new website we designed business cards and a company brochure. Both of which feature white foil print onto grey card. Attention to detail like this in everything they do is what has helped set them apart from their competitors and competing successfully at a higher level with far bigger players.

Business cards, duplex printed with white foil

Boardroom vinyl graphics

Newsletters you want to read

We have designed some fantastic newsletters that look great and are an interesting read too, with great feedback from clients.


Brand design / Literature & newsletters / Art direction / Copy writing / Website design / WordPress CMS / MailChimp templates

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