Perpetual Motion

Designing perpetual motion for Capacity Management Consultancy

Designing perpetual motion for Capacity Management Consultancy

Capacity Management specialise in ensuring smooth and consistent data flow for very large companies, to protect their data, output and stability to work. My concept related this field with the rings of Saturn. Close-up shots of Saturn’s rings resonated the idea of stability and perpetual flow. This became the conceptual image for the project. The logo also linked into this concept, using the infinity symbol as a basis from which to craft a C M C marque. The simplicity of the idea was its strength, from that the branding was designed in a fresh, simple, sophisticated style, incorporating business cards, data sheets, flyers and a PowerPoint template.

Iconography and data flow diagrams were also created to help the client explain his new business to clients, these were accompanied by a white paper that is available to download from the website, after filling in a contact form.

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