New logo, branding and website design to promote CBD/Hemp derived exotic Cannabinoid formulations

This exciting project was derived from an engineering client of mine, based in the states, who set up a business to sell produce manufacture and derived from CBD/Hemp derived exotic Cannabinoid formulations. My task was to help brand this venture and breathe life and colour into the brand. We came up with a symbol to represent the name Delta Omega, re-named Delta O, from that I worked on the whole package – a marketing suite of logos, posters and website to sell the CBD/Hemp products and lifestyle.

*Not launched yet – products still in development phase*

Delta-O logo

Delta-O imagery
Delta-O wide posters
Delta-O wide posters
Delta-O stoner T
Delta-O green T detail
Delta-O T detail
Delta-O T-shirt
Delta-O vape bottle
Delta-O Gummies
Delta-O box
Delta O website
Delta-O packaging
Delta-O wall graphics
Delta-O poster