International experience. Local knowledge.

LeBeck International are specialist international security and risk management advisers based in Bahrain, whose managing director is a former special forces and Bomb Disposal Officer with the British Army.

After reviewing the way that LeBeck International communicated and looked at key competitors, we proposed a highly distinctive and slightly mysterious market position. This perfectly supports the way the company keeps its clients safe and secure with meticulous planning based on deep experience in this highly specialist field. The new and refined brand identity, website and an intriguing design for a brochure enabling the business to grow internationally.

My concept for the website & the brochure featured GPS reference points, highlighting the fact that LeBeck offers protection no matter where you or your assets are across the globe.

Beautifully crafted print collateral

Alongside the new website we designed business cards and a company brochure. Both of which feature white foil print onto grey card. Attention to detail like this in everything they do is what has helped set them apart from their competitors and competing successfully at a higher level with far bigger players.

Their business cards are beautifully printed white & black foil onto duplexed black & white board


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