Print making an impact

Print making an impact 2048 2048 martin

I have been in love with print since the start of my career, now in the digital age a beautiful piece of print is priceless in terms of making an impact and holding retention with your clients – nobody will want to throw ant of these into the bin.

Here’s a gallery of all the print projects I have produced, in partnership with my trusty craftsmen, foil block printer, Ian Stopford – check his beautiful work out here:

Beautifully printed cards for London Concepts

Beautifully printed cards for London Concepts 2048 2048 martin

These beautiful business cards were printed with black foil onto 700 gsm weight black board (very thick!)

The front side was printed using white foil. They made for a very dramatic keepsake for their new design, build & construction business.

London Concepts business cards

Pure Graphic Design foil block mailers

Print is not dead

Print is not dead 2000 1225 martin

Beautifully printed stationery

To fully launch my full-time freelance career this month, I invested in designing some beautifully printed business cards and A6 mailers. My passionate printer lovingly printed them in white foil block onto an array of different coloured high quality board. White foil was used for the mailer details and the business cards whilst the front of the mailer, that featured the word ‘Flourish’ was printed in holographic foil, so it catches the light and gives off lovely incandescent colours. So much marketing is done purely digitally these days, I think it is lovely to receive something tactile that’s been created with love and care that you will want to keep hold of and not discard.

My goal is to use my design & website skills to help you grow your business and flourish.

Investing in business collateral that eschews quality speaks so much about you, your business and how you approach your work – it really is money well spent.